Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the Newsletter About?

Our newsletter is your way to keep up with New Beginnings. By subscribing today, we will keep you in the loop on ministry news, events, speaking engagements as well as sharing updates on outreaches and more! Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter and have a blessed day!

+ How often will I receive the newsletter?

The newsletter is sent out once a week, every week!

+ Will my private information be shared/sold to third-parties?

No. the information we gather (Name, Email, Phone) are only used to send out our newsletter and will not under any circumstances be shared, sold, or distrubtied to any third-parties or their subsidiaries.

+ Can I Unsubscribe at any time? How?

Yes! On the bottom of every newletter we send out, we provide a easy to find Unsubscribe button if you ever choose to opt-out of our newsletter. And if you change your mind and wish to recieve our newsletter again or Unsubscribe by mistake, it's as easy as signing back up!