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Sukkot First Fruits

If you need the windows of Heaven opened over your life spiritually, physically and financially, don’t miss this special service with Pastors Larry & Tiz Huch. This First Fruits offering is a major key to an outpouring of unlimited blessing. Join us Sunday, September 26th at 10:00 a.m. for a special time of celebration! (The actual holiday of Sukkot begins at sundown Sunday, September 20th and ends at sundown Sunday, September 27th). If you can’t join us in person, please live stream through our website or on Facebook.


Join us Sunday, October 3rd for baptism in our outdoor Mikveh after service. Baptism breaks all contact with failure, removing every limitation off your life. Step into a new realm of revelation that goes beyond religion and ritual and moves you into the supernatural power of God that is without limits. Bring a towel and a change of clothes (dark colors). You will get into your car straight from being baptized.

Pastors Larry & Tiz Huch

For over 40 years, Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch have tirelessly built a multi-racial church characterized by their sincere love for people.  They have dedicated their lives and ministry to winning souls and teaching God's people how to win.  They have a passionate commitment to see people succeed in every area of life. 

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