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Enjoy these classes designed around Biblical principles. Based on the bestselling book, Love & Respect, these fun and practical teachings will give you a new perspective on male/female relationships. These teachings are jam packed with life-changing truths of how men and women think and act differently. Join us, it may just save you years of misunderstanding and frustration in your everyday relationships.

“Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs is an insightful and impactful book that delves into the crucial dynamics of relationships between men and women. With its compelling insights and practical advice, “Love and Respect” serves as a valuable guide for individuals and couples seeking to enhance their communication, strengthen their bond, and build lasting and harmonious relationships. Through this book, Eggerichs empowers readers to nurture a love-filled and respectful environment, laying the foundation for a lifetime of happiness and unity.


Pastor Nancy A. Cole